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Pentiment Is Reportedly Targeting A Frame Rate Of 120 FPS On PS5

Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian Entertainment’s adventure role-playing game, Pentiment, is reportedly running at a frame rate of 120 fps on PS5.

The game is now available on PlayStation platforms as part of Microsoft’s new initiative to port some first party titles to competing platforms. One keen eyed player noticed that Pentiment is is targeting a frame rate of 120 fps on PS5 and took to Reddit to share their findings. They captured two off-screen videos, one at 60 Hz and the other at 120 Hz.

Pentiment ps5 frame rate 120 fps

Pentiment PS5 Frame Rate Comparison: 60 FPS vs 120 FPS

A frame-by-frame analysis of the Reddit user’s off-screen video captures indicates that Pentiment can indeed be made to run at a higher frame rate on PS5, as the video captured at 120 Hz updates the content exactly twice as fast as the one captured at 60 Hz. Both the 60 fps (top) and the 120 fps (bottom) videos can be seen below.

This comes as rather surprising not because the PS5 is incapable of running the technically modest title at a higher frame rate, but because the game only runs at 60 fps on Microsoft’s own Xbox Series X|S consoles. Perhaps Obsidian Entertainment will roll out an update that allows the Xbox Series X version, at the very least, to match the PS5 version’s frame rate. The developer has yet to acknowledge this discrepancy between the PS5 and Xbox Series console versions.

Pentiment is an adventure game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. The game is available on Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms, and more recently Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5.It was recognized as one of the highest rated Xbox first party titles of the year 2022.

It is a narrative adventure role-playing game set in Bavaria in the 16th century. As the journeyman artist Andreas Maler, the player looks into their friend’s alleged role in a high-profile murder. The true murderer is never canonically revealed over the course of the 25-year plot. Instead, the player is expected to accuse someone based on either who they believe did it or who they believe deserves to be punished the most. Other crimes and conspiracies are ongoing at the same time as the main murder investigation. The game’s art style is a mix of late medieval manuscripts, early print, and woodcuts at the transition from late medieval to early modern art.

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