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Persona 5 R Domain Has Been Updated Hinting At New Game Announcement Soon

Persona 5 series might get a new game announcement soon as the official domain has been updated by Atlus. This points towards them making a new announcement, possibly for the long hinted game.

This was first spotted by Persona Central who reported on this news. The domain was updated just recently on December 25, so it is not really that old news. Domain getting updated is linked to companies making new game announcements. Back during E3 2018, most companies updated their domains ahead of making announcements like Capcom with Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2. It won’t be unusual to see a new game announcement happening soon.

Persona 5 was released in 2017 and it was exclusive to the PS3 and PS4. Recently, the lead protagonist of Persona 5, who goes by the nickname Joker, was announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This has led fans to speculate that Persona 5 might be released on the Nintendo Switch. This is possible knowing the history of the franchise which has always received a new ‘complete’ version on a portable console. It was the case with Persona 3: Portable and Persona 4: Golden as well.

Persona 5 R could be the ‘complete’ version of the game including additional new content that was not available in the original release for it. The other game that was teased was Persona 5 U, which is potentially a fighting game but was delayed recently due to Arc System Works working on GranBlue Fantasy.

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