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First Look At Phantom Blade Zero Controller Layout & Off-screen Gameplay

Here’s a first look at the controller layout in S-GAME’s upcoming action role-playing game, Phantom Blade Zero.

In addition to the controller layout, brand new off-screen gameplay footage for Phantom Blade Zero is also available for fans to check out. It shows an in-depth look at the game’s combat mechanic and other systems. It is a Souls-like title, with focus on challenging battles and boss encounters.

The protagonist has the ability to dodge, block/parry (including perfect block), perform light and heavy attack, and use his bow as well as other weapons for long-range offense. He is also seen scaling walls in the footage, after which he is able to perform an aerial attack. Much like in the Soulsborne titles, enemies can also be stabbed from behind in Phantom Blade Zero. The game also features QTEs that pop up occasionally during certain fights. The main character is also in possession of a Phantom Blade, which seems to work similar to Sekiro’s prosthetic arm.

Phantom Blade Zero Controller Layout Revealed

The DualSense controller layout for Phantom Blade Zero on PS5 can be seen below.

Phantom blade zero controller layout

A rough translation of the above UI text can be seen below.

Left Side (from top to bottom):

  • L2: Use Technique
  • L1: Hold to Block/Parry
    • Perfect Guard if pressed just before the enemy’s hit
  • D-Pad Up: Select Item
  • D-Pad Down: Use Item
  • D-Pad Left: Switch Weapon
    • Long press: Sheathe weapon
  • D-Pad Right: Switch Phantom Blade

Right Side (from top to bottom):

  • R2: Use Phantom Blade Weapon
  • R1: Dodge
    • Hold + L: Quick Step
  • Triangle (△): Heavy Attack
  • Circle (O): Light Attack
  • Cross (×): Interact/Talk
  • Square (□): Jump/Scale Environments
  • Left Stick (L): Move
    • Press: Crouch
  • Right Stick (R): Camera
    • Press: Lock on Enemy
    • Lock on: Switch Target

Previously, it was revealed that Phantom Blade Zero will not have any microtransactions or gacha elements, and will take full advantage of the PS5 controller’s DualSense features. Read about it here.

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