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PlayStation 4 Will Reportedly Support DualShock 5 Controller

DualShock 5 is reportedly confirmed to work on the PlayStation 4 according to an official comparison sheet by PlayStation France.

DualShock 5 will be the controller for the next-generation PlayStation console. Some of its new features include the addition of Haptic feedback, slightly revamped design, adaptive triggers, and possibly more unannounced features. One of the new accessories for the DualShock 4 adds a back touch button and this has been rumored to be a part of the DualShock 5 as well.

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PlayStation France has made a comparison chart for the PlayStation 4. This chart explains the difference between the PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim. Among the list of features, the controller support lists not just the DualShock 4 but also the DualShock 5.

PS4 controllers also work retroactively on the PS3 so this is not an unexpected development, but it is still nice to get an official confirmation. Sony hasn’t revealed the PlayStation 5 aside from confirming some of its features and the launch window of the console, which is set for Holiday 2020.

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DualShock 5 controller has been leaked through various patents and the design closely resembles the DualShock 4 with modifications. Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are not just features but will be utilized by game developers to create a new type of gameplay experience. These will be useful in games like Gran Turismo Sport and The Last of Us Part 2 to offer more controller feedback to the user.

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