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PlayStation Reportedly Holding a Game Showcase Event In September 2022

PlayStation is holding a game showcase event of some kind later this year in September, 2022, based on a new rumor.

According to an insider known as Dusk Golem (or Aesthetic Gamer), who has a decent track record based on his prior leaks, PlayStation is getting ready to hold a game showcase event in some shape of form during the month of September, 2022.

Playstation event september 2022

As for whether this event will be full-fledged PlayStation showcase or a more focused State of Play remains unknown as of writing. Given the release of two major first-party PlayStation titles in the next few months, it may well be a State of Play, perhaps dedicated solely to God of War Ragnarok, which is scheduled to hit store shelves on November 9, 2022.

Dusk Golem claimed that the leaked Helldivers 2 clip that surfaced on the internet recently was, in fact, recorded by him. However, he stated that he had no intention of making it public. According to him, he had shared it with two people in private. One of them leaked it without his knowledge or approval, and he now knows not to trust them anymore.

A Helldivers 2 video was previously leaked on Twitter by DoodMarvelous, though it didn’t last long, as Sony had it pulled via a copyright claim. It contained roughly 10 seconds of footage from an unfinished trailer for the game that looked like it was in the process of going through editing.

Before switching to the PS Studios logo, the small-print at the beginning of the trailer states that the gameplay has been captured via the PS5. The leaked footage shows a bunch of spaceships headed towards earth, with the narrator mentioning that “the aliens are at our doorstep” and that “democracy hangs in the balance”.

Sony held a PlayStation showcase event last year in September, and also the year before that in the same month. It’s likely that it will continue this tradition in the year 2022. There’s plenty of time left for the console maker to make an official announcement in this regard.

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