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Mysterious PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 3.70 Drops Out Of Nowhere

Sony Interactive Entertainment has just released PlayStation Vita firmware update 3.70. Initial testing suggests it is mostly related to patching out any security exploits.

If you head over to the official website for the PlayStation Vita firmware update 3.70 changelog, you will notice that there is no update there. In case the website is not updated, it is hard to find out what are the changes available in this new update.

Taking a look at the changelog history for PS Vita firmware updates, that appear completely bland and barebone without any interesting information or new features. Most of them are simply listed as “improving system performance” or “system software stability” for the PS Vita.

Since Sony isn’t helping here, the homebrew community for the PS Vita had to take a step up in order to find out the changes that were available in the PS Vita firmware update 3.70, and even then it is pretty useless.

What Is Included In The New PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 3.70?

PS Vita has faced a fair number of exploits so the console is cracked open for homebrew use, which can lead to piracy as well. In the past, any PS Vita firmware update was linked to patching exploits or loopholes, so this might be the case this time as well.

Homebrew developer Silica has shared a list of changes that were found to be a part of this PlayStation Vita firmware update.

The developer later added some additional changes and clarified that it was “Party” application that was updated and not Near. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the Vita development scene, Near has been killed quite a while ago.

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