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Project xCloud Live Demo Shows Noticeable Lag With Forza Horizon 4

Microsoft had a great Inside Xbox event recently with multiple announcements. One of them was about Project xCloud and they shared a live demo of Forza Horizon 4, but it seemed to suffer from a noticeable lag.

Project xCloud is a game streaming service that Microsoft is currently developing for all platforms. They want the service to release on as many platforms as possible that possibly includes the Nintendo Switch as well as PC. The main aim of this device seems to be for handheld gaming with a Smart Device like Phone or Tablet.

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Microsoft has shared a live demo of Project xCloud that was running Forza Horizon 4. The video revealed the host controlling the game but due to the way she handled it, there was the impression that it was a fake demo. In reality, it looks more likely that the host was struggling with lag since her movements seem to match with the inputs shown in the demo.

The lag seems to be rather significant and could be detrimental in the service taking off in the first place. It could be a fake demo if you go by the conspiracy theory angle, or perhaps the lag was just so bad that it felt like the movements didn’t match what was shown on the screen. In either case, this is an interesting concept that could work well if Microsoft can pull it off successfully.

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