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PS Plus Essential Adds Another Bonus For Subscribers In December For A Major Game

If you are a subscriber of PS Plus Essential, make sure you can claim this bonus available in December for a major game.

Epic Games is now publishing Rocket League on the Epic Games Store and has made the game free to play on all major platforms, but this doesn’t mean everything in the game is free to own. There is a lot of grind involved to get the customization items or new vehicles in the game, and plenty of paid DLC is still available for Rocket League.

That said, if you are a subscriber of PS Plus Essential, you can gain some bonus items as part of the PS Plus Pack for Rocket League this December.

The new PlayStation Plus pack for Rocket League appears to bring the following bonus items to the game.

  • Blender YNP Wheels
  • Sun Ray YNP Boost
  • Chafed Cherry YNP Topper
  • Dot Matrix YNP Decal

If you are interested in getting them and unable to find them on the PlayStation Store, you can claim them from the link given here.

Once claimed, these items will be available to use in the game so there shouldn’t be any major issues. While they might not be as valuable as you think, they are still worth getting just in case you want to play the game someday. These PS Plus packs are usually offered for free to play games like Rocket League and Fortnite, however, since most players might not have an idea, they are missed by plenty of users.

PS Plus Essential games lineup for December 2022 was confirmed by Sony. There are games like Divine Knockout, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and Biomutant, as part of the monthly games library for the PS Plus Essential subscribers while PS Plus Extra/Premium users have to wait for a few days before they also get to know what is coming to their subscription tier later this month.

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