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PS Plus February 2019 Games Lineup Prediction

PS Plus February 2019 games lineup announcement is expected at the end of this month. Sony will announce the free games for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita that will be available to all the PS Plus subscribers in February.

It is that time of the month again when we will discuss the upcoming PS Plus games lineup and share rumors, news and our own predictions for them so buckle up and get ready for it.

Let’s start off by talking about the previous month and recalling the games that were available during this period. The games lineup for January was different between Asia and the rest of the World. For those in Europe or USA, they had to settle on Portal Knights along with Steep. Asia region PS Plus subscribers meanwhile could get Steep and Tom Clancy’s The Division. It was an interesting trade-off for sure, but one that might be a better deal for the PlayStation Plus subscribers in Asia.

When Will Sony Announce PS Plus February 2019 Free Games Lineup?

Hold up for a minute! I know you are getting thirsty and losing patience as we are reaching the end of the month, but Sony usually takes their time when they announce the PlayStation Plus free games for each month.

This means that you will have to wait until January 29 or January 30 to get the announcement for free games in February. These two days are specifically picked because Sony has a habit of making the announcement on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of each month.

What Is TwistedVoxel’s Prediction For PS Plus February 2019 Free Games Lineup?

  • Batman: Return to Arkham
  • Metal Gear Survive

Both of these games have been available in various PlayStation Store sales for incredibly cheap. If Konami wants to make Metal Gear ‘Survive’ then it needs the PS Plus subscribers to boost the player count and hope it rejuvenates interest in the game. Warner Bros. Interactive can offer Batman: Return to Arkham since they are offering it on sale for as low as $10. It won’t be a big deal to make it free for now.

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