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PS3 Firmware 4.89 and Vita Firmware Update 3.74 Downgrades Online Functionality

Sony has released a new PS3 and PS Vita firmware update today. While it is normally expected to improve system performance, this one does the opposite.

The official changelog for this firmware update mentions that it removes two core online components from the system after the update. One is the ability to create a new PlayStation Network account and the second is the ability to manage the PlayStation Network account.

Both of these features will render the device useless for accessing the PlayStation Network store especially if someone doesn’t have another PlayStation ID.

ps3 ps vita firmware update

PS3 Firmware Update 4.89 and PS Vita Firmware Update 3.74 Changelog

Signing in to PlayStation Network now requires a device password for enhanced account protection.

Account creation for PlayStation Network and some account management features are no longer available on the console. Use your PC or mobile browser to use account management features with improved performance, speed, and safety.

Those who have a PS3 or PS Vita will now need to access the PlayStation Store on a PC or mobile device. They can manage their PlayStation Network account through it as well.

If you have already purchased games, these should still be downloadable from the console itself. You can head to the games library to download these games, although the download feature on the PS Vita and PS3 is a step back compared to the modern consoles making it a hassle to download games from the library.

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