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PS4 Firmware 9.00 Jailbreak Is Out Now, Triggered Through External USB

Hackers have managed to exploit a new version of the PS4 firmware 9.00, enabling them to run some of the latest games as well as homebrew.

PS4 firmware security is usually strict enough that it is cracked after a long time, and those who have a homebrew PS4 were on an older version of the firmware for a long time. This has changed now with the release of the PS4 9.00 firmware jailbreak.

If you want your PS4 to run homebrew software, details on this exploit have been shared on Github.

This exploit is different from the previous ones in that sense that while the older exploits required you to run special software, this one uses a vulnerability in the file system of the console. This requires an especially format exFat drive for the PS4 along with some of the files that will trigger it.

What is interesting is that apparently, it is possible to trigger this bug on the PS5 as well, although the developers strongly advise doing it. This shows that Sony was sharing some of the system-level code between the PS4 and PS5, but knowing the external hard disk support for the PS4 games is required, it is not a surprise that this can work on the PS5 too, although it doesn’t lead to a jailbreak or the ability to run homebrew.

Earlier, the popular hacking group, Failoverflow managed to exploit the PS5 as well leading to the ability to run homebrew on it, but they never made this exploit public.

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