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PS5 and XSX Will Benefit With Temporal Super Resolution In UE5, Comparison Inside

PS5 and Xbox Series X are going to benefit from the new Temporal Super Resolution that is a part of the Unreal Engine 5, due out in 2022.

In a new video showcased by Epic Games, they gave a glimpse at the new features of their Unreal Engine 5 which is planned to release in 2022. Along with the support of Nanites and Lumen, there are plenty of new features supported in the engine which will make it easier to develop games using it.

One of the announcements was regarding Temporaral Super Resolution which will essentially allow the developers to render 4K details in 1080p resolution thus saving a lot of budget in rendering high-profile games. In the developer notes of Unreal Engine 5, Epic has described it as follows.

Temporal Super Resolution has the following properties:

  • Output approaching the quality of native 4k renders at input resolutions as low as 1080p, allowing for both higher framerates and better rendering fidelity.
  • Less ghosting against high-frequency backgrounds.
  • Reduced flickering on geometry with high complexity.
  • Runs on any Shader Model 5 capable hardware: D3D11, D3D12, Vulkan, PS5, XSX. Metal coming soon.
  • Shaders specifically optimized for PS5’s and XSX’s GPU architecture.

So basically this reduces the rendering budget while still delivering pristine image quality. The frame rate can be improved from ~18 FPS at 4K to ~43 FPS at 1080p. You can see it in the comparison shared by Epic Games below. (Note: The top is 4K while the bottom is 1080p)

ps5 xsx temporal super resolution

AMD has also confirmed that the new consoles along with the latest Radeon Graphic Cards are built to support this feature out of the game. This is essentially DLSS that is exclusive to Nvidia graphic cards, although their utilization in upcoming games has to be properly tested before we can reach a conclusion on their efficiency in games.

“TSR is a new technique of upscaling a lower resolution frame to maximize performance and visual fidelity. AMD has worked closely with Epic to optimize TSR features on Radeon™ powered systems. A standard feature of UE5, TSR is enabled for all GPUs and provides state-of-the-art upscaling not just on PC, but on PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, too.” reads a statement from the hardware manufacturer.

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