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PS5 Will Automatically Skip Studio Logos At Boot After Viewing Them Once

PS5 has a hidden secret feature that allows skipping logos after viewing them once when playing a game. It retains these settings even on a new save file.

Lance Mcdonald, who is well-known in the Souls community with his mods for the various games in the Souls series, has finally received his PS4 and shared some details including a hidden feature that automatically skips logos when starting the game.

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According to Lance, once you boot up a game and see the studio logos, they won’t appear again the next time. He likely means Demon’s Souls here, which is a first-party game, however, we are not sure if this applies to other third-party games as well.

ps5 hidden feature

Lance also suggests that there might be a way to reset this setting, but so far he hasn’t managed to figure it out yet.

The other detail mentioned by Lance was regarding the download size of the day one patch for Demon’s Souls Remake. He originally estimated it to be just 850 MB but that was not correct. Now that he finally has a PS5, he has shared a screenshot confirming that the day one patch is indeed 10 GB.

Despite this huge patch size, the game is playable without installing any day one update. The update is required for online multiplayer though, so there is no way to avoid installing it. There are currently no patch notes for this update so we have no idea what is fixed in it.

PS5 will be out in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. For the rest of the markets, it will be available on November 19. There are two different editions of the console, one is the disc edition that is available for $499 while the other is a digital edition that is available for $399.

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