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Prey Update 1.12 Is Out Now, Report Suggests It Was Crashing On PS5

Prey was one of the games that didn’t appear to work properly with PS5. Today, an update has been released for PS4 that could fix the compatibility.

Sony has added a disclaimer for PS4 games that may face issues on the PS5 when played through backward compatibility. Prey is one of the games that has been listed as  “may exhibit errors or unexpected behavior” on the PlayStation Store. We have already covered the list of games that can lead to issues when running on a PS5, however, the case with Prey was a little different.

The game was also tested by ResetERA user Koralsky, who confirmed that it is crashing at loading screens thus making it unplayable. However, he suggested that it could be due to playing it on an 8 TB external hard disk.

Today, a new update has been released for Prey that patches the game to version 1.12. We can confirm that the update size is just under 500 MB on the PS4 and it patches the game to version 1.12. However, the changelog merely links to the Bethesda support forums where there is no post regarding this patch.

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If we had to guess, it is for the PS5 backward compatibility especially considering the report of the game crashing during the loading screen when starting a new game. It is possible that Prey was unplayable in its current state on PS5 which led Bethesda Softworks to issue a patch for the game ahead of the launch of the PS5.

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