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Xbox Series X “Smoking” Report Appears To Be Greatly Over-Exaggerated

There are some videos of the Xbox Series X smoking from its vent, however, these have been greatly exaggerated based on the design of the console.

The first report of Xbox Series X smoking from its vent emerged on reddit. The user who shared this video wrote a simple title that suggested he was taking this incident as a joke with the smoke coming out of the vent.

Buddy of mines new xbox came with a campfire feature. from XboxSeriesX

However, he didn’t share any further videos or explained what led to this incident in the first place. It is highly unlikely that Microsoft let such a huge design flaw slip through their engineering department when they created the Xbox Series X.

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This brings us to the second video, which was shared after multiple outlets rushed to report on the story. Back when the Xbox Series X was first sent to the influencers, it was reported that the console runs silent but it can get hot to touch, which turned out to be over-exaggerated reports from users without a proper way to test the temperature.

Twitter account XboxStudio has shared a video that has debunked the report of smoke coming out of the vent of the XSX. It can be seen below.

It is easily possible to get the smoke effect on the XSX through a vape device. The design of the vent is rather unique in that sense that it keeps blowing out air, making it possible to even float a ping pong ball on the top of the console.

All things aside, while there are genuine issues with the XSX, the reports of the console smoking are greatly over-exaggerated for now. In the manufacturing industry, there will always be a percentage of the hardware that will end up as faulty and the same will happen with the PS5 and XSX. Due to the launch of new console hardware, any such incident will be highlighted and shared rapidly across social media, however, in reality, this is usually a small percentage of users.

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