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PS5 Has A Brand New Shutdown Screen

Sony has updated the PS5 firmware with a brand new shutdown screen that shows off a more lively animated sequence.

The new shutdown screen for PS5 shows many particles merging together to form the console’s light bar strip. It’s a neat new animation sequence that’s certainly livelier than the earlier shutdown screens. Though, it’s worth mentioning that this wasn’t on the most wanted list of features for the PS5. Sony Interactive Entertainment has yet to bring important functionality like system wide 120 Hz support (and, in turn, a lower minimum Variable Refresh Rate threshold) and voice chat output via the display or headset when using the DualSense controller’s built-in mic for voice chat input.

Ps5 shutdown screen

PS5 Shutdown Screen Old vs New Comparison

A video showing a comparison between the earlier and the latest PS5 shutdown screen can be seen below.

The PS5’s new shutdown screen was introduced via firmware update 24.02-09, which also enabled the DualSense controller speakers to produce higher volume sound, allowing players to hear in-game sounds and voice chat audio more clearly. The mic input quality has also been enhanced by a new AI machine learning model. Additionally, background noise from button presses and game audio has been reduced for improved voice chat. After the update, sounds from the DualSense controller speaker have become louder. Adjustments to the volume will therefore need be made via the console’s control center.

Additionally, the PS5’s Share Screen has been updated to be more interactive. Viewers are now able to move a pointer, send pings, or draw lines directly on the shared screen. This allows them to highlight specific objects or areas, aiding the host player in navigation and gameplay. Additionally, viewers can express reactions using emoji icons, visually cheering and celebrating gameplay actions. While this feature is enabled by default, hosts have the option to disable it via the Share Screen settings.

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