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PS5 Compatibility Label Will Confirm Support For Older Games and Accessories

Games or accessories that are backward compatible with the PS5 will have an exclusive sticker on them as seen with an update on the official website.

Sony has updated the official PlayStation Direct website with new information although this change hasn’t been made public as of yet. The source code of the website has added a P55 Compatible label that will appear for products that will work on the PlayStation 5. This could apply to any of the PS4 games or accessories.

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While Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 5 will support backward compatibility with the PS4, they have also said that not all games will work. They plan to support most of the games library that is 4000+ games strong at launch.

ps5 compability label

One reddit user has also shared a mock-up image of how this will appear on the website. It might show up when browsing the shop although there is no information on whether it will also be added to the box art or packaging of the product.

ps5 mock up compability

This also shows that Sony is gearing up to open the pre-orders for the PlayStation 5. They have already said that they plan to open pre-orders and will give advance notice of it to users so that they can pre-order it ahead of time. They haven’t revealed an official price and release date for the PlayStation 5 yet.

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PlayStation 5 is expected to launch in Holiday 2020. Sony has recently boosted the production of the console from the initial 5 million units at launch to 10 million in order to get the console in the hands of as many users as possible this Holiday. Shortages are still expected due to the high demand for the console later this year.

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