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PS5 Console Is Reportedly Out In The Wild, Controller Animation Shown

PS5 UI was seen in a new video that appeared to show boot up from the console. This is reportedly from a retail console and was leaked by someone.

Twitter account ABCYoungBoy appears to show multiple videos for the PS5. He has shared a video of a warehouse that has a stack of Digital PlayStation 5 consoles ready to be shipped. In another video, he has shared a video of the disc version of the consoles in a warehouse. Both of these videos were shared posted to the PS5 subreddit as well.

In the most recent video, we can spot a PS4 in a vertical position that is connected to a TV. This PS5 has been turned on and gives a slight glimpse of the UI which the press can’t show for now, since this is under embargo.

While there is no doubt in the authenticity of these videos, the question is how did the user get early access to the PlayStation 5. The console won’t be released until a little over a week so there is still some time left before an early purchase is made for it.

In this video, we can see a DualSense controller connected to a PS5 with the TV playing an animation that shows the controller connecting being set up for the console.

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This is not the only thing that has leaked in recent times. We reported earlier on how some of the stores have started to sell early copies of the PS5 games including Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

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