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PS5 Dev Kit Makes It To Ebay Briefly Before Being Taken Down

Someone was courageous (or stupid) enough to put a PS5 dev kit on sale for eBay, however, it was taken down quickly after the listing was live for a few hours.

eBay had a listing for a PS5 Dev Kit. The listing is no longer available online but a Twitter user has shared screenshots confirming that it was indeed the real deal.

It should be no surprise by now that the PS5 Dev Kit design is completely different from the final console. It is not a revelation either, since dev kits of hardware usually feature different specs and are designed differently from the main systems.

The design of the PS5 dev kit was first leaked online through a patent. Its existence was verified through a developer who later took down their confirmation. An image was also leaked from the game that appeared to showcase the dev kit before the final console design was even revealed.

The price of the dev kit was set at €2850, which is obviously a lot of money. Heck, we think it would be cheaper to get a licensed developer and get such a kit from Sony itself. Anyways, if you were hoping to get your hands on one without becoming a developer, the eBay listing was a good chance provided it was even real in the first place.

The pictures that were shared for the listing do make it seem like it was the real deal and actually give us a closer look at the dev kit.

Since the listing is down now, it is hard to determine if this was an elaborate prank or someone seriously thought of putting their dev kit on sale. While we are no expert, it could be a foolish mistake since Sony may track every dev kit and they would have easily found who sold it. That is if this was really being sold on eBay in the first place.

Salal Awan

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