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PS5 Devkit Is More Powerful Than Xbox Scarlett But That Might Change

When it comes to next-generation console specs like PS5, fans are usually crazy over even the smallest bit of difference between two console hardware, and this is happening again as things are starting to ramp up for the next generation.

Sony has announced PS5 early this year and Microsoft followed it up with their own next-generation console announcement at E3. Both are reportedly going to arrive in 2020 but the details around them are murky, aside from AMD supplying the same Navi series of GPUs for both competitors.

PS5 devkits are apparently already available to developers and with the newly announced Xbox Scarlett, some of them were able to comment on the power difference between both platforms. According to executive editor of GameInformer, he has heard from sources that PS5 devkit is more powerful than the Xbox Scarlett. He shared this in a tweet that was made before the Xbox Scarlett reveal at E3 2019.

ps5 vs. xbox scarlett

In another tweet, he later added that the source of this rumor was directly from the developers. He clarified that developers were given the specs for the devkits and that’s how this rumor originally started.

Adding to the conversation, former Microsoft executive, Albert Penello chimed in saying that devkits are not given that early. They are usually provided to the developers closer to the launch of the console. He basically downplayed the importance of an early devkit and using it as a basis for comparing the power difference.

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This also tells us that if there are indeed some devkits out there for the next-generation consoles, the specs on them are not final. Anything can change until the last minute as it happened with PS4 and its 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM which basically helped propel it ahead of the Xbox One in term of the power difference.

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