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Some PS5 Digital Edition Owners Are Finding a Disc Edition In Their Box

Some users are reporting that they have ordered a PS5 digital edition that comes in a black box but instead, they have received a disc edition.

PS5 has two different editions of the consoles, one is the disc edition while the other is a cheaper digital edition. There are multiple reports now of users that are getting a disc edition of the console when they pre-ordered a digital edition. The reports suggest that this is related to pre-ordering the console directly from the Sony PlayStation Page.

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The first report of such a case happening was shared on Twitter. The user mentioned how he had ordered a digital edition of the console but ending up getting a disc edition instead from Sony. The second case was reported on reddit with a similar situation where the console was ordered from the Direct PlayStation Store and the user ended up getting a disc edition.

According to a theory, one way to check it is to verify the weight of the box and see if it matches the disc or digital edition if you have ordered the consoles from Direct PlayStation. However, it hasn’t been proven yet so it is just a theory. As for the reason for this happening, the only speculation is that Sony might have run out of digital edition consoles and are shipping disc edition in their place, however, it is just wild speculation and nothing else.

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