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PS5 Consoles Look Great In Official Images Showing Horizontal Position

Amazon has shared an official image showcasing the digital and retail versions of the PS5. This image gives us a glimpse at the horizontal position for PS5.

When Sony officially revealed the PlayStation 5 at the Future of Gaming event, they showcased the design of the console only in the vertical position. Amazon had a new image uploaded of the PS5 that showcased the console in the vertical position. You can have a look at it below.

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The new marketing buzzword for the PS5 is “Play Has No Limits” and it is visible in all the promotional material that has been released for the consoles so far.

ps5 consoles horizontal

Sony Interactive Entertainment still hasn’t shared some major details for its upcoming console including its launch price, games lineup, and backward compatibility support. These details are expected to get revealed in the coming months as the console gears up for a launch this holiday.

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PS5 is the fifth console from Sony that is coming right after the massive success of the PS4. Sony has sold through more than 100 million units of the PS4. It has outsold all other Sony consoles aside from the PlayStation 2. It is still continuing to do well worldwide and has two major exclusives lined up in the coming days including The Last of Us Part 2.

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