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PS5 Exclusive Godfall Has Been Rated For PS4 by PEGI

Godfall is a PS5 exclusive launch game that was also released on PC. It appears that the game might arrive on the PS4 according to a recent rating.

While Godfall was a launch game for the PS5, it was also released on PC. There was no PS4 version making it an exclusive for the PlayStation 5. That is, until recently when PEGI has rated a possible PS4 version of the game.

Despite launching exclusively on the PS5, the game didn’t really utilize the hardware in any meaningful way. There were support for Adaptive Triggers, Haptic Feedback, and Fash Load Times, but there wasn’t any implementation to make the game exclusive to the current-generation consoles.

godfall ps4 rating

In the case of the PS4 version, it appears that Gearbox Software, who is the publisher of the game, could be porting it to the other consoles. It is possible that the game might arrive on further platforms but so far we only have a confirmation of the PS4 version aside from the PS5 and PC.

In our review of Godfall, Ali Bari said: “Godfall has a promising foundation, but its structure has evident flaws that hold it back. It’s disappointing, then, that despite the combat and character progression being competent enough to hook you to the loot grind, there’s hardly anything else here to keep you engaged. The ability to play online with other players serves to enhance the experience, but the bizarre absence of matchmaking greatly limits its potential. That said, there’s hope that the game will be in a better state down the line with some much needed structural changes, content updates, and expansions.”

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