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PS5 Load Times Video Comparison With PS4 Pro Looks Unbelievable

Sony Interactive Entertainment has already announced their next console (PS5) but they haven’t shown anything from it. The lead console architecture, Mark Cerny has hinted at the price and the upgrade performance but today we were able to see it for the first time in action.

In the first PS5 reveal, Mark Cerny gave an example of Marvel’s Spider-Man running on the PS4. The load times were compared between the next-generation PlayStation console (PS5) and a PS4 Pro. The results were unbelievable because the loading was almost instant on the PS5.

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Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment has shared a video during their Investors Meeting where they finally revealed this comparison in a video. The two consoles are compared side-by-side as they are running Marvel’s Spider-Man. The difference is absolutely massive.

PS5 is able to load the game within one second whereas the PS4 Pro struggles with 8 seconds of load time before it can load the game. The second test was for streaming the level assets and a fast-moving camera was used for this purpose. In this test, the PS5 had zero issue loading assets despite the speed of the camera while the PS4 Pro struggled to load them and the game stuttered as a result.

This result is quite remarkable and shows the potential of next-generation of consoles. If Sony can deliver a console with cutting-edge SSD technology in it, then the load times will be theoretically eliminated making the work of playing the game completely seamless. Loading screens are quite common this generation and Days Gone is one of the recent PlayStation 4 exclusive that suffers from long load times.

Ali Haider

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