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PS5 Price: Mark Cerny Claims That PS5 Price “Will Be Appealing To Gamers”

Sony has dropped the curtains on their next-generation console (PS5) confirming some of the details around its hardware in an interview with Wired. There was no information shared on the price of the console, but it doesn’t really sound cheap.

We learn that PS5 will offer backward compatibility with the PS4 since it is based on the same architecture. The next-generation features that Sony is targeting with the PS5 are the lack of load times and an improvement in the sound with 3D Audio. The console will use the upcoming AMD hardware that includes a Zen 2 CPU and Navi GPU. Surprisingly, there is also support for Ray-tracing, which is considered quite expensive for modern computers.

Mark Cerny didn’t share any details on the price but the editor of Wired, who published the original article on PS5, has now shared some information that was taken out from the article in a tweet. This information could hint at the PS5 price.

PS4 launched at the retail price of $399.99 compared to the $499.99 price of the Xbox One. It resulted in Sony’s console gaining the upper hand over its competitor and easily became the best selling console this generation. Sony later launched the PS4 Pro at $399.99 and Microsoft launched the Xbox One X at $499.99.

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The next-generation is right around the corner with both consoles aiming for 2020 as per early reports so we have to wait and see which one will end up being cheaper than the other this time around.

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