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PS5 Can Record Audio Data When a Trophy Is Unlocked, Here’s How To Opt-Out of It

PS5 keeps a record of every trophy unlock but this is not just limited to video, Sony also records audio from the microphone but this is optional and can be disabled.

The DualSense controller for the PS5 comes with a new host of features including a built-in microphone. A thread on the PS5 subreddit talked about how this also recorded the reaction and audio of the user who had just unlocked a trophy by beating one of the bosses in Demon’s Souls.

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This led to the creation of a thread on the ResetERA where it was confirmed that this is actually optional and not some hidden setting. Sony is not always recording your audio, and in fact, the user can entirely opt-out of it if they are uncomfortable with this feature.

How To Turn Off Audio Recording On PS5

This choice is turned off by default. You can either access it in the Share options by heading into the settings menu or entirely opt-out of it by heading to settings and checking out the Privacy options. The image below, courtesy of a ResetERA user, shows what this option looks like in the Privacy settings.

ps5 disable audio recording

The user also confirms that this option is presented when setting up the PS5 for the first time, so in this case, it is a simple toggle at the start of the PS5 setup. Sony asks for permission for Data Collection so in case you have issues with it, you can turn this toggle off when setting up your new shiny PlayStation 5 console.

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