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Psychonauts 2: All Psychoseismometers Location For Gisu

You will be required to find three different Psychoseismometers for Gisu as part of an optional quest in Psychonauts 2. Here is their location.

There are some optional missions in Psychonauts 2 like finding Queepie. You can get one from Gisu asking you to find all Psychoseismometers. First, you have to find the secret hideout which is located just outside the Motherlobe. Once you are out of Motherlobe, you will notice an Island with goats on the left side. Drop down here and follow the logs to reach the treehouse.

Talk to Gise to get the quest for finding all Psychoseismometers in Psychonauts 2. You can track it in the menu as well.

How To Find All Psychoseimometers In Psychonauts 2 for Gisu

Psychoseismometer Location#1

The first Psychoseismometer that you should attempt can be found when heading to The Questionable Area. As you reach the opening to the next location, find a door that is blocked by some greenery and wood. Use your Pyrokinesis ability to burn it and open the door to a new cave.

Head inside to find some collectibles and a Psychoseismometer at the end of it. Interact with the meter to trigger a battle arena where you have to defeat a small number of enemies to finish shutting down the Psychoseismometer.

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometers

Psychoseismometer Location#2

The second one can be in the forest located in The Questionable Area. Find Raz’s father in the middle of the forest to see a set of logs next to him. You can use your Pyrokinesis ability to burn the logs and open hot air allowing you to float with the leviathan ball.

Do this and move to the platform that is immediately ahead of the hot air. Follow it to the top to find another hot air that is pushing forward. Jump and use your leviathan ball to float to the next location which has a Psychoseismometer.

This battle arena can prove to be a little difficult. The best way to tackle it is to use the leviathan ball combined with the PSI blast. Hopefully, you have upgraded them and bought the pins to inflict additional damage.

Psychoseismometer Location#3

The third and last Psychoseismometer can be found in a cave hidden behind Raz’s family camp. Head towards there and go behind the granny to discover a rock and a hidden place that can be blasted open with a PSI blast.

The last Psychoseismometer can be found inside this small hidden cave. This battle arena is an easier one so hopefully, you shouldn’t have any difficulty.

The reward for completing this mission and finding all Psychoseismometers in Psychonauts 2 is just more in-game currency, so sadly you aren’t getting anything good but as a completionist, this quest is actually fun.

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