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Quantic Dream’s Next Game Engine Will Be “Cross-Platform and Even More impressive”

David Cage has dropped some tease about their next project confirming that they are working on a new engine that will be cross-platform and it will be “even more impressive than anything” they have done in the past.

Quantic Dream is dropping PlayStation exclusivity after the end of their three projects deal with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Detroit Become Human was their last project which was released in May 2018 exclusively for the PS4. The new sales update for Detroit Become Human puts it close to 3 million copies despite being an exclusive, which is an impressive figure.

David Cage, the co-founder of Quantic Dream, teased their next project in an interview with VentureBeat. He didn’t share anything specific but dropped the following tidbit.

It is too early to reveal anything about our future projects. What I can say is that we are working on our next engine that will be cross- platform and even more impressive than anything we have done before. We will keep working on projects that are ambitious and original, building on the genre we pioneered and that we will continue to develop, but we also want to explore new grounds.

This sounds exciting to hear coming from David Cage. Detroit Become Human is an ambitious project that has shown a lot of potential with its visuals. It is one of the most gorgeous looking games on the PS4. If Quantic Dream is free from the shackles of console hardware and the restrictions that come with it, they can easily make a game that will show us how next-generation will look on PC and other platforms.



  1. JesusChrist January 31, 2019

    RIP Quantic dreams. Goodluck getting that big sony funding and freedom of creativity. It was a good run for you guys

  2. andrewsqual January 31, 2019

    Haha we will see. They always made their engine this past 2 gens to take advantage of PS3’s pure cell processor and PS4’s pure GDDR5 architecture to stunning results. If they are even thinking about bringing their games to a weaker console like Switch or even the garbage standard Xbone with its ddr3 and bottle necked eSRAM, then this studio will never hit huge technical levels ever again up there beside studios like Naughty Dog.


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