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Xbox One Consoles Are Suffering From Black Screen, Xbox Live Core Service Outage Reported

If you own Xbox One today, chances are that you will boot up with a black screen that seemed to affect a majority of the consoles. This was followed by an outage for the Xbox Live Core services leading to everyone thinking they “bricked” their console.

Xbox One users were reporting about the console booting up with a black screen, which made most of them think that it was their console acting up and thus getting bricked due to some update. DownDetector for Xbox Live has a huge amount of user reports that show that the service is not working for many users.

Microsoft acknowledged this issue and confirmed that they were working on getting it resolved as soon as possible. They identified an issue with the service that is causing a black screen on booting the game console. They were prepared to roll back any changes to resolve this issue.

Xbox Support has also shared an update on the console startup issues, title update and sign-in errors that many users were experiencing since the last hour. It appears that they are working on a fix for this issue.

If you are facing any issue with your console and think that it is bricked, it is not really the case. This is more of a component of the Xbox Live Core service that has caused an issue when the console system software attempts to connect to the service on boot and leads to a black screen as a result. Hopefully, this can be resolved soon by Microsoft.

Ali Haider

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