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Remedy Is Working On Two Unannounced Games Including a Small-Scale Project

Remedy Entertainment just had their best fiscal performance in a year where they released almost no new game and has multiple projects in the pipeline.

Remedy Entertainment is working on two unannounced projects for Epic Games. They have also shared a sales update for Control Ultimate Edition, which had its best sales month in November 2020. The game has now sold through more than 2 million copies after the release of the Ultimate Edition.

Control Ultimate Edition is one of the free games for all PS4 and PS5 owners who have a PS Plus subscription. This bundle includes the base game and the two DLC expansions as well.

Remedy Entertainment had shared their fiscal year results for 2020 revealing that they generated 41.1M€ Revenue while the Operating profit was 13.2M€. This is the best result for them in terms of financial performance even though they technically didn’t release any major new game during this time.

Remedy Entertainment has also shared their plans for the games that they have announced, or are developing right now. They have released Control Ultimate Edition and are working on Crossfire X. In addition, they have a small-scale project in development in partnership with Epic Games and another major AAA project. Both of these are unannounced projects that haven’t been confirmed as of yet.

Remedy Entertainment is also working on Vanguard, which has been described as a “Long-lasting service-based co-op multiplayer game combined with selected Remedy worldbuilding and narrative strengths.” It is in the early phase of development.

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