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Resident Evil 2 Weapons, Characters, Gameplay Modes, And More Leaked Through Datamine

A lot of information for Resident Evil 2 was leaked through the demo including Resident Evil 2 weapons, maps, playable characters, gameplay modes, and other secrets.

This article will contain major spoilers for Resident Evil 2 so please proceed with caution. You can find out the details surrounding the in-game weapons, playable characters, maps or location that will be visited, and even some other hidden secrets.

Resident Evil 2 Weapons: What Weapons Are Available In Resident Evil 2?

  1. H&K USP
  2. H&K VP70
  3. Browning HP
  4. “HP (Ada)”
  5. S&W M60 Ladysmith
  6. Colt S.A.A.
  7. Remington M1100-P
  8. MAC11
  9. MP5
  10. Desert Eagle .50AE
  11. S&W 329
  12. M79
  13. Sparkshot
  14. Flamethrower
  15. Gatling gun
  16. Rocket Launcher
  17. Infinite Rocket Launcher
  18. “Sexy gun” with some sort of ammo or power gauge

Looking at the list above, there are a lot of fan favorites including the Resident Evil 2 infinite Rocket Launcher making the cut here.

Here are the Resident Evil 2 playable characters and Resident Evil 2 gameplay modes. It appears that there will be two playable scenarios for both Leon and Claire. It is labeled as Leon A-B and similarly Claire A-B. The other playable character that is mentioned is Ada and Hunk, but they might have a limited role in the game itself or limited to their own story modes.

Resident Evil 2 Characters: How Many Playable Characters Are In Resident Evil 2?

  • Leon A
  • Claire B
  • Claire A
  • Leon B
  • Ada the Spy
  • 4th Survivor
  • Tofu Survivor

There are references made to a “Rogue” gameplay mode in addition to a new game plus mode. There are also references to changing the camera angle but it is not clear what this means for the game.

The leak also covers almost every boss fight and maps that you will visit in the game. We are not going to post them since they spoil some major locations or secrets, but if you have already played the original game, there are no major surprises included in this leak.

The demo for Resident Evil 2 is limited to just 30 minutes and if you try it on consoles, then you have just one chance to play through it. On PC, there are tricks to remove this time limit, but the demo itself is quite short and will end within minutes if you just rush to the objective.

Capcom has shared the global stats for the demo recently that shows that more than 1.1 million people have played the demo and out of them, only 29% were able to complete it. Whether it is due to the time limit or people just gave up in the middle, it is hard to say without more information.

Source (ResetERA)

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