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Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake Concept by a Fan Makes Us Wish It Was Real

Capcom has started to remake its classic RE games beginning with RE2. A fan has now taken the time to show the concept for a Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake.

Resident Evil Code Veronica is the odd duck of the series. It was originally supposed to be a mainline game that was released after Resident Evil 3, however, due to the certain circumstances and the exclusivity of the game for Sega Dreamcast, it was released as a spin-off instead that was later ported to the PS2.

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As Capcom is slowly remaking its classic RE games with Resident Evil 2 getting the treatment first followed by Resident Evil 3, there are rumors of a potential Resident Evil 4 remake in the works. It appears that Capcom is skipping Code Veronica, which should be next in the line for a remake, but this hasn’t stopped a talented fan to share his creations on reddit.

Reddit user CODE_umb87 has a knack for sharing such concept images and posting them on reddit. He shared a few concept images from a Code Veronica remake that he has made in his spare time.

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They might not match the work of Capcom but they do make us realize how good a remake of Code Veronica would look like with the high-definition visuals of the current generation consoles. So far, Capcom is officially working on Resident Evil 8, which is set to launch in 2021. It will be reportedly followed by a remake of Resident Evil 4 in 2022. Capcom did ask about a potential Resident Evil remake in an official survey, but nothing has come out of it.

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