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Returnal Daily Challenge Mode: What Is It and How To Unlock It

Returnal is out now for the PS5. The game features tons of secrets with its rogue-lite gameplay. Here’s how to unlock the Daily Challenge mode.

Returnal has a challenging platinum trophy so you will need to work hard to achieve it. There are different modes to play in the game including the Daily Challenge mode or the Simulation mode. We are going to explain how you can unlock the Daily Challenge mode, also known as Simulation mode, in Returnal.

How To Unlock Returnal Daily Challenge Mode

This mode cannot be unlocked straight from the start. You must make some progress in the game by exploring the first several Biomes. Since this is an optional mode, you won’t miss out on anything by beginning from scratch.

returnal daily challenge mode

Once you’ve discovered and fought the boss Phrike to finish the first Biome, Overgrown Ruins, you’ll be able to access the Daily Challenge mode. After defeating the boss, proceed through the game as usual until you reach the crash site. From there, you may choose between Simulation and Daily Challenge mode. There are leaderboards for the Daily Challenge mode, so compete in them.

You must be on the spacecraft at the Helios crash site to enter the Simulation mode. Once inside, look for a monitor that will allow you to enter the Daily Challenge mode, commonly known as the Simulation mode.

If you are one of the unfortunate folks who is stuck in the Returnal door not opening glitch, make sure to avoid equipping pre-order or DLC suits that are available in the game.

Returnal is available now for the PS5. The game was developed by Housemaruqe and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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