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Returnal Update 1.003.004 Is Out Now, Housemarque Recommends Updating For Save Data

Returnal has been updated to version 1.003.004 today as a quick hotfix by Housemarque after they rolled back the previous update.

While there are no official patch notes over, Housemarque has confirmed on the Discord channel that this patch is safe to install even if your save data was affected. While corrupted save data won’t be recovered, as per Housemarque, there is no harm in trying to install this update and see if it works for you or not.

In case you had reinstalled the game, simply download the new patch which is just 1.1 GB in size. In case you are still on the last update, you just need to patch the game to the latest version.

returnal update

If you are having issues with the Returnal “door not opening” glitch,  Housemarque recommends the following solution.

If you are using a pre-order suit: Enter the pause menu and select “Restart your run”. (Your run will be aborted, but any permanent progress and weapon upgrade progress is kept.) Select the plain Selene suit in your spaceship. After doing the suit switch, close the game and start it again.

This issue was resolved in the last patch but we are not sure if this is fixed in the most recent hotfix. Another secret that was discovered by some users was the ability to use cheat code in the game by plugging in a keyboard. That could have been easily fixed with a future update.

Returnal is available now exclusively for the PS5. The game was developed by Housemarque and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. While the game was praised by critics, it suffered from some issues including various bugs at launch. Housemarque had acknowledged these issues and confirmed that they were investigating them for a potential fix. The first major post-launch patch was released earlier but was quickly rolled back once a major save data corruption issue was detected.

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