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Returnal Update 1.3.3 Corrupts Save Data After Error Code CE-100028-1

The latest update for Returnal has turned out to be a mess as there are multiple reports of players complaining about their save data getting corrupted.

Housemarque has released Returnal update 1.3.3 today. They also shared the patch notes for this update, which among other changes mentioned fixing the door not opening bug that was related to the pre-order suits. However, the new patch has introduced some issues that are being reported by players.

One of the issues is related to the save data getting corrupted. This happens when the game throws Error Code CE-100028-1. This has been reported by multiple players on platforms like reddit and Twitter so this is not a rare occurrence but appears to be a frequent issue.

returnal save data

Other changes that were noticed by the players include the removal of healing when sleeping in Helios. This was possible before the patch and used to work well. It could lead to full health before a boss fight but unfortunately, this is no longer possible. While it still works, the health boost has been limited to just 10-20% which is a quarter of the life bar. This means it won’t be a good idea to go back and restore your health.

Update: Housemaruqe has removed the latest 1.3.3 update from servers and reverted back to 1.3.1. If you have already updated the game and it is working fine, there is no need to do anything. If you are facing issues with the game, you will have to redownload it again in case of the digital version, or in case of the retail version, delete the install and then download the latest update (1.3.1).

While there are plenty of changes made, we are not sure if it is still possible to cheat in the game. Some fans had discovered a method to use a keyboard to input various commands that could provide cheats, but this can be easily fixed with an update like the one today.

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