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Secrets, recommendations and risks when buying gold in online RPGs

Games in the RPG genre are a source of active gameplay for many players, because they can captivate a gamer for months with their constant grind. But formatting a lot does not mean farming well, which is especially reflected in the constant lack of gold.

The role of gold in online games

Gold is a key item and currency, which is a key element in the domestic economy and the main instrument.

If you have gold, you can buy diablo 4 gold and other types of currencies and exchange it for any transferred equipment and weapons, no matter how much it costs.

Ways to get game gold

Gold can be mined directly or converted.

If we are talking about the direct method, then this is grind and quests.

Quests are a system of tasks that developers initially prepare for players. The main task is to provide gamers with general story tasks that will tell about the main events and the reasons for their occurrence and reward the player for their efforts with gold, equipment and other materials that may be useful in the future.

There are not only main and large-scale quests with large rewards and a strong increase in experience and gold, but also secondary ones.

These are optional tasks, which can nevertheless serve players well if they are chosen and completed correctly.

Side quests can be useful if you either take a large number and complete them at once, or combine them with the main quests.

Naturally, the increase in gold will be higher and perhaps there will even be no need to farm it through grinding.

Grinding is a way of obtaining gold, equipment and materials simply by directly killing monsters.

This is a method of farming on a whim, that is, you simply kill monsters in those locations that you like and look at the result, adjusting the process along the way.

In this method, game leveling goes faster, but in order for gold to arrive faster, you need to select the right locations that are suitable not only for your level, but also for the chosen hero, otherwise you will simply level up quickly and end up with empty pockets.

Farming secrets

Try to combine two types of quests and grinding together – if you do all these actions at the same time, your progress will slow down a little, and the process of earning gold will increase – currency is more important than level – it is better to be equipped, but at a low level, than to quickly make your way to the highest value and at the same time do not have any opportunities to improve and obtain comparable weapons and equipment.

The second point is to try to sell all unnecessary mined equipment in order to accumulate pure gold. Most equipment quickly loses its relevance and price, so you need to try to sell it as quickly as possible – if possible.

Use your hero’s strengths:

  • If you are a melee class, look for locations where monsters are close to each other – the more enemies you kill within a given hour, the more you can earn.
  • If you are a ranged combat class, look for monsters that you can continuously kill while standing in one place without even allowing them to reach you.
  • If you are a class with massive damage, then you need locations with groups of monsters to gather them together with simple attacks and destroy them with powerful skills.
  • If you are a support who is bad at killing monsters on his own, but is useful in a group, then look for teammates who will pump you up and share gold – in most projects, income is evenly divided among everyone. This format is suitable for tanks, healers, and buffers. If you are not accepted into a group, assemble it yourself and start collecting gold and experience.

Buying game gold

If you urgently need to replenish your supply of game currency in order to buy an item you are interested in, then you can buy gold so as not to wait for it to be farmed. This can be done in two ways:

  • Buy it from regular players.
  • Buy gold from a professional service

Regular players

If you start looking around, you will notice a large number of players who are trying to sell their game gold.

Some do this literally – offering it openly, others covertly, or through a link to their website or store.

You need to weigh the pros and cons of such purchases, and here’s why:

You may be deceived and not provided with gold, and since in such transactions the buyer is often the first to pay, you will simply be left without funds and the opportunity to complain to the game administration due to potential sanctions for violating game rules.

Even if you come across an honest player who gives you gold, there is never a chance that the game administration will not confiscate it, and the seller will do at least something to return your money or help you in some way.

Getting on a site with viruses, or a deceptive one that pretends to be real – many gold sellers put up their sites, and sometimes it can be fake, disguised as a real one, and you will risk not only losing your money, but also bank data and other important information.

The only advantage of buying from ordinary players is the price, which is often lower than the market price, but how much you are willing to take risks and hope that you come across a good seller is up to you to decide.

Professional service

Having tried to buy gold from professionals at least once, you will always want to do it and here’s why:

The transaction goes quickly – from the procedure of placing an order, agreeing on details and transferring gold, it can take 10 minutes.

Security and anonymity – the service does not reveal your data in any way and hides the entire process from the eyes of the game administration and other players.

Guarantees – even if the game administration interferes with the subject of the transaction, you will be reimbursed for all funds spent and will help resolve the issue with game sanctions if they are imposed.

Why do services have a better chance of conducting a transaction unnoticed – because the three components of a secure transaction are observed correctly.

  1.  The gold was mined through fair play and there is no chance that after the next chain of investigations it will be confiscated with sanctions.
  2. Due to anonymity and security techniques, the administration always has doubts about actual violations, even if they really exist, and in such situations they will never ban a player for fear that in case of a mistake, this player and many others may simply leave the project.
  3. There are always guarantees of refunds and assistance, which is always better than nothing when interacting with ordinary players, albeit at a cheaper price.