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Sexy New Special Edition Phantom White Xbox One Controller Leaked

Amazon Mexico has leaked a new special edition Phantom White controller for the Xbox One. This appears to be similar in design to the Phantom Black controller but with a different color aesthetics. It was quickly removed from the website but not before Google managed to cache the page.

Xbox One Phantom White Special Edition controller was leaked through Amazon Mexico, but the listing was taken down quickly and currently, there is no image available there. You can still see a cached snapshot of the page courtesy of Google confirming the existence and images of the Xbox One Phantom White controller. The price listed on Amazon Mexico is roughly 80 to 90 USD for the controller, which is in line with other special editions.

Microsoft will host a special Inside Xbox live stream soon so perhaps this was one of the announcements to be made at the upcoming event. Judging from the way this controller listing was taken down, this does appear to be the case here.

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It is still early to tell when the controller will be available and sold officially by Microsoft. This does look like an honest early leak so it is highly unlikely that this is a fake concept posted on Amazon Mexico.

Microsoft is usually quite open to customizing their Xbox controller and they have a design lab available for this purpose. They have also released the Xbox Elite controller and a custom Xbox Accessibility controller for those who have some form of physical disability.

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This new controller appears to be just a simple special edition that has a certain appealing color scheme and should go well with the white console color scheme, provided you have one of them.

Source (Amazon Mexico)

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