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SIE London Studio Is Working On a Big PS5 Project With Online Multiplayer

SIE London Studio might finally ditch VR and have a chance at a proper next-generation follow-up on PS5 with a new project that could include online multiplayer.

SIE London Studio has mostly worked on smaller projects, however, there are a few exceptions like Blood and Truth and The Getaway series. They were also behind the Eight Day demo that was showcased for the PS3 but never made it into an actual game. Their recent job listing suggests their next big project will offer online multiplayer.

Just like we took a look into Days Gone developer Sony Bend Studio earlier, to dig further into what they are working on, we have looked at Linkedin as well as their job postings on the official website. They currently have three job openings on their website while keeping in mind that these usually open during the start of a new quarter, and we are approaching the end of one now.

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The job listings are for a Lead 3D Character Artist, Senior Gameplay Programmer, and Lead Online Programmer. The interesting part here is how they are mentioning AAA games as experience here for most of the positions. This is fairly standard practice, however, SIE London Studio’s Blood and Truth wasn’t really a traditional AAA game. It was received well by critics.

As for the Lead Online Programmer, it suggests that there will be multiplayer implementation in their new game. “As the Lead Online Programmer, you will work together with multiple disciplines within our engine and game teams to lead the development of the online features required for our next big title. These features could include networked physics and animation systems, game logic, matchmaking and session management, among others, ” reads the job listing.

This brings us to the Linkedin profile of David Skilton, who is the VFX Lead at SIE Europe. His profile mentions an unannounced PS5 game. He worked on the “next-gen scripted GPU-particle authoring tool for PS5” for this game along with a couple of other tasks.

SIE London Studio was mostly focused on VR during the last generation and have also released some games for Sony’s PSP and Vita, but they might finally get a chance to showcase their talent again with a proper AAA game in the vein of The Getaway and perhaps Eight Days.

Ali Haider

Ali Haider loves to dabble in multimedia projects. He has a passion for editing and managing YouTube videos and loves writing in his spare time.

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