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Project Athia Is a Pet Project of Square Enix’s CEO, Expected To Be Their Next Big Thing

Project Athia is a PS5 and PC exclusive that is targeting next-generation features. It is expected to be the next big thing for Square Enix.

Square Enix is currently working on two major PS5 timed exclusives. One of these is Project Athia while the other is Final Fantasy XVI. While there is a lot of information out right now for Final Fantasy XVI, there has only been a short teaser released for Project Athia.

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In a new rumor that comes from Imran Khan, ex-editor at GameInformer, during a podcast recently in which he talks about the game, we learn that there appears to be a lot of expectations from Square Enix internally for this project.

  • Project Athia is the pet project for Square Enix’s CEO Yosuke Matsuda
  • Their internal expectations are that this will be their next big thing
  • They have conveyed these expectations to Sony as well which has heavily invested in marketing it too.
  • Sony has been marketing the game prominently on their social media pages and in ads like this one recently
  • Imran Khan suggests that the main star is someone who worked on the recent Charlie’s Angels movie
  • This project has been a big deal internally and kept under tight wraps for so long some insiders assumed it was Final Fantasy XVI

For those who have no idea of Project Athia, it is the next major game from the Luminous Productions team that was previously headed by Hajime Tabata. While Tataba has left Square Enix, the studio has been working on refining their Luminous Engine while working on this next-generation project after the success of Final Fantasy XV.

The game was confirmed as a two-year timed exclusive to the PS5 while it will also release on PC. There is currently no estimated release window for this project.

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