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Silent Hill Rumor Surfaces Again From Multiple Sources, Sony Japan Involved

Silent Hill is reportedly getting a new game which will be a collaboration between Sony Japan Studio and Konami, which owns the Silent Hill IP.

Silent Hills was the next project for Hideo Kojima after he was done with Metal Gear Solid V. It also involved the Japanse horror maestro Junji Ito but the project was reportedly canceled. Silent Hill IP has been long dormant but Konami might be looking into bringing it back as a new rumor suggests.

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This rumor has multiple sources. First, a veteran Japanese horror artist Suehiro Maruo posted a teaser showing Konami and Silent Hills on his Instagram stories and Tumblr account. This was a clear enough hint but the problem is there is no official Silent Hill game announcement so far.

This was followed by a verified insider on resetERA that claimed that a Silent Hill reboot is in the works at Konami. It will involve a mixture of Silent Hill veterans including Toyama, Ito, and Yamaoka. The game is planned to be revealed in the next few months. His identity was verified by one of the moderators at ResetERA.

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Dusk Golem, also known as Aesthetic Gamer on Twitter, who is a moderator on ResetERA shared his own views on this rumor in a set of tweets.

‘Because some people are asking me about it due to Suehiro Maruo visiting Capcom’s [Konami’s] offices and posting the Silent Hills thing, I’ll continue saying what I’ve been saying, I still believe what I’ve shared is true (Sony Japan Studio making a SH game with Toyama, Akira and Masahiro Ito working on it with others).”

Dusk also talked about Sony and Kojima working on another potential deal for a new game. It hasn’t been worked on yet since the deal is not finalized. It does appear this game is different and doesn’t involve the Silent Hill IP since the rumor suggests this new entry in the series is well into development and ready to be revealed soon.

Ali Haider

Ali Haider loves to dabble in multimedia projects. He has a passion for editing and managing YouTube videos and loves writing in his spare time.

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