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Starfield Expected Release Date Is In Early 2023, According To Xbox

The expected release date for Starfield falls within the early 2023 window, according to Xbox. The game was previously delayed to the first half of 2023, but it now appears that Bethesda is able to provide a more specific time frame for its release.

The Xbox Game Pass sign up page reveals that Microsoft expects Starfield to arrive sometime in early 2023, although no concrete release date has been available thus far. It’s likely that a reveal at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase will conclude will a new release date announcement.

starfield early 2023 release date

Previously, it was reported that development on Starfield may have been struggling due to some of its mechanics being half-baked. Youtuber KingFanMan brought forth this information, although he cautioned that when he said “buggy”, he didn’t imply that there’s something wrong with the game. Rather, he intended to say that the mechanics currently weren’t smooth and balanced based on what he had heard.

He also stated that the release date for Starfield will most likely be sometime during the month of March. According to him, the Creation Engine has been rebuilt for Starfield, just as it has done for previous titles. The game will not feature any social or multiplayer elements like Fallout 76, and would instead be a single-player experience.

It has also been reported that Starfield may have met the same fate as Cyberpunk 2077, had it not been delayed to the first half of 2023. Before last year’s E3, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier talked with a few people involved with the game, and came away with these impressions. According to Jason, the development team was quite concerned about committing to a November 11th release date, based on the progress they had made at the time. The phrase “Next Cyberpunk” was circulating in the office, and morale was likely low as a result.

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