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Starfield Leaker Provides An Interesting First Review Of The Game

A Starfield leaker who has had early access to the upcoming action role-playing game shared a rather interesting review after completing it.

YouTuber Memphian94, who has previously leaked details on Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield, has now shared a brief review based on his playthrough. According to him, Starfield is “for real”, and he believes that the game is for all the people out there who are looking for a “different” type of game to play. He said that Starfield takes time to get going and you can’t just jump in straight away, which would make sense as it is an RPG where you create a character and assign their background and traits etc.

Starfield review

The YouTuber then addressed Todd Howard, telling him that he made a good game, and the game’s theme regarding leaving earth is perfectly timed. He admitted that he played as a beginner, since he’s not an expert. He simply wanted to try it out, and came away impressed. In the end, he addresses Starfield fans, saying that they do not want to miss out on this game.

Previously, leaked screenshots from Starfield had emerged online, revealing brand new information, including details on character traits and inventory management. The screenshots had allegedly been captured from an public QA build of Starfield. Additionally, it was revealed that Starfield’s updated Steam EULA now includes a reference to “Creation Credits”, suggesting that the Creation Club or paid mods service may be making a return. It is stated that the “Creation Credits” associated with the game are “Virtual Currency” and are subject to such terms and conditions.

Additionally, dataminer Sebasti66855537 had shared on Twitter that, upon going through Starfield pre-load files on PC that he was unable to ssee any signs of the game supporting Nvidia DLSS or Intel XeSS image reconstruction technologies.

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