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Stellar Blade Receives Mature 17+ Rating from ESRB Due to Intense Content

Stellar Blade has been given a Mature 17+ rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) due to its explicit content. The game features blood and gore, violence, language, and suggestive themes.

In the game, you play as a super soldier tasked with defending against an alien invasion. It is a third-person action RPG set in an apocalyptic world where you must navigate through destroyed environments to complete various mission objectives. The core gameplay revolves around combat against alien creatures and humanoid enemies, using an arsenal of weapons ranging from blades to machine guns and laser blasters, featuring melee-style engagements.

The game’s combat dynamics are designed to be intense and fast-paced, with vivid depictions of sword slashes, expansive explosions, and authentic gunfire sounds. Notably, the game does not shy away from graphic violence, with frequent blood-splatter effects accompanying the dismemberment and slashing of enemy creatures. The ESRB’s description highlights the game’s explicit imagery, including close-up visuals of impalement, dismemberment, and decapitation, which explains the reason behind its Mature rating.

In addition to its graphic violence, Stellar Blade includes content that may be considered sexually suggestive. Some characters, particularly female ones, are depicted in costumes that reveal significant amounts of skin or are skintight, accentuating their figures and including elements such as breast jiggle during combat. The use of profanity is another factor in the game’s Mature rating, with the word “sh*t” appearing within the game’s dialogue.

Earlier, it was reported that Stellar Blade had received an Adult Only rating in South Korea. While it might not be the case for the ESRB rating, it still signifies that the game might be intended for a mature audience.

Stellar Blade is currently confirmed to launch on the PS5. It will be available to play from April 26, 2024.

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