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Stellar Blade All Graphics Modes Resolution & Frame Rate Revealed

Details regarding the resolution and frame rate for Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up’s upcoming action adventure game, Stellar Blade, have been revealed.

A playable demo for Stellar Blade is now available on the PlayStation Store, and all of the game’s graphics modes have been tested to determine the resolution and frame rate in each mode. Shift Up’s action adventure title offers a total of 3 graphics modes, namely Resolution, Balanced, and Performance. In terms of graphics settings, there are no significant differences going from Resolution to Performance mode beyond a reduction in anisotropic filtering and LOD on some distant objects. Shadow resolution, draw distance, ambient occlusion, and post-processing, and other settings remain the same across all 3 modes.

In terms of image quality, the Rresolution mode in Stellar Blade runs at a dynamic resolution that tends to reach native 4K (2160p). The Balanced mode renders at a dynamic resolution, with the common resolution being 1440p. It upscales to 4K using TAAU. Lastly, the Performance mode also runs at a dynamic resolution, with the common resolution being 1440p. TAAU is not applied to upscaling in this mode.

With regards to performance, the Resolution mode in Stellar Blade targets and maintians a frame rate of 30 fps. The Balanced mode targets a frame rate of 60 fps, and it suffers from some drop. However, it maintains its target performance for the most part. In Performance mode, the game also targets a frame rate of 60 fps, but delivers it more consistently compared to the Balanced mode.

All in all, Stellar Blade offers a decent variety of graphical options for players to choose from. Action-focused players will likely opt for the Performance mode, though with the minimal hit to frame rate, at least in the demo areas, some may favor the balanced approach of the Balanced mode.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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