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Survey Indicates A Fraction Of Game Developers Are Already Working On Nintendo Switch 2 Titles

A recent survey conducted by GDC has indicated that game developers are already working on Nintendo Switch 2 titles.

Respondents of the GDC survey were game developers who are actively involved in the development of upcoming titles, including games that are likely part of the Nintendo Switch 2 launch lineup.

Nintendo switch 2 developers

Over 3,000 developers were asked about their work in the industry. As seen above, in response to a question regarding the platforms developers are currently making games for, 240 respondents chose the Nintendo Switch successor. Meanwhile, as seen below, after PC and PS5, respondents are most interested in working on games for the Nintendo Switch successor, a platform that has yet to be officially announced.

Nintendo switch 2 developers

As such, it’s clear that interest in Nintendo’s next game console is very high, both from the perspective of consumers as well as developers. The console has the potential to bring some interesting features to the handheld console market, including Nvidia’s DLSS technology and possibly a 120Hz display. With regards to the latter, an earlier rumor from Taiwain’s Economic Daily offered details regarding hardware specs for the Nintendo Switch 2. The source had mentioned that the console maker is expected to launch the new Switch this year in 2024, as per market expectations. However, due to constraints such as global inflation, the new product will retail for a $100 more than the Nintendo Switch, bringing its price to 400 US Dollars.

According to the source, given how the Switch never received a major hardware upgrade since its launch, the market expects that Nintendo is likely to launch its new console in the second half of this year. It was mentioned that the hardware will be equipped with the NVIDIA T239 chip, 8GB RAM, 64GB storage space, and a battery with greatly improved life. Additionally, the handheld’s display will have a refresh rate of 120Hz, leading to the possibility of certain games targeting a frame rate of 120fps. It’s currently unknown whether the display will also support Variable Refresh Rate, but it would certainly make sense for it to do so.

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