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Tactics Ogre Reborn Now Available For Preorder, Price Revealed

The preorder page for Tactics Ogre Reborn has gone up on Amazon for PS4, PS5, and Switch platforms, and the game’s price has also been revealed.

Based on the preorder page for Tactics Ogre Reborn on Amazon, the game’s price is $49.99. Going by comparisons between the original PSP version and the new release, it appears that the latter adds more details to character sprites as well as backgrounds over the former, which would imply that art assets have been redrawn from scratch. Given the amount of effort on display here, $49.99 is a fair asking price in an era where games are being priced at $70.

Tactics ogre reborn price preorder


Follow the links below to head to the respective preorder pages for the PS4, PS5, and Switch versions of Tactics Ogre Reborn on Amazon:

Those interested in grabbing The Art of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together hardcover book can do so by following the link here. Meanwhile, the Premium Edition of the game will only be available digitally, and will cost $59.99. It will include the game’s original soundtrack, featuring a selection of ten chiptune songs from the original Tactics Ogre, released in 1995.

Tactics ogre reborn price preorder

Tactics Ogre is a 1995 tactical role-playing game developed and published by Quest Corporation for the Super Famicom. Later, it was ported to the Sega Saturn (1996) and PlayStation (1997), the latter of which was made available in North America by Atlus USA in 1998. The second entry in the Ogre Battle series is set in the war-torn kingdom of Valeria, where heroine Denim Powell joins a local resistance organization to fight foreign occupiers and gets entangled in the ethnic tensions that are the cause of the war.

Yasumi Matsuno, the developer of Ogre Battle, served as director, writer, and main designer during the two and a half years of production. Conflicts in Europe and Asia served as inspiration for the plot, which was significantly influenced by personal and political drama over the fantasy-themed plot of Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen.

In contrast to its predecessor’s real-time fights, the gameplay in Tactics Ogre employs a fighting system that is inspired by chess. The characters were created by Akihiko Yoshida, while Hiroshi Minagawa served as the art director. The story served as inspiration for the music, which was created by Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata.

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