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Tekken 7 Season Pass 3 DLC Characters Confirmed With a Newcomer

Tekken 7 is getting Season Pass 3 adding four new fighters. Bandai Namco has officially revealed all of the new content with multiple trailers today.

Tekken 7 Season Pass 3 characters were leaked last week after Microsoft store listing was updated to include all of the major new additions. There are four fighters that are confirmed in Tekken 7 for Season Pass 3. The first is Zafina which is out and the second is Ganryu. The two newcomers are Leroy Smith and Fahkumram.

tekken 7 season pass 3 details

Today, Bandai Namco has finally shared the first look at both Fahkumram and Ganryu. They will be added to the game as part of the new season pass.

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Fahkumram is a Muay Thai champion that sports a tall size and unsettling build. His appearance resembles that of Sagat from Street Fighter.

Ganryu is coming back to the series with his own character DLC. He was revealed with a comedic trailer that showcased his streaming skills.

Finally, we have Leroy Smith who is another newcomer. He has one of the most exciting fighting styles in the game. He is a Wing Chun master who is out for revenge and he also has his own loyal pet dog.

Leroy Smith and Ganryu will be added to the game on December 12. You need to download a new update to add support for them in the game. They are a part of Tekken 7 Season Pass 3.

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Tekken 7 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game was developed and published by Bandai Namco. This is the third season pass for the game which has added new characters. Earlier season passes also included guest characters like Noctis from Final Fantasy XV and Negan from The Walking Dead.

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