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The Day Before May Be Getting An Offline Mod

Mytona and Fntastic’s multiplayer survival horror extraction shooter, The Day Before, may soon be getting an offline mod.

Twitter user PC_Focus_ has shared that an offline mod for The Day Before is in the works, though it is currently in the early developmental stages. According to the them, modder realluci0 plans to reroute the server connection to a local connection, which would return true and would, in theory, allow users to play the game without the need for an internet connection.

The day before offline mod

The modder also chimed in, saying that they aren’t making any promises or offering any estimated time of availability for the mod as of now. They mentioned that the mod is very early in development, and that them and another modder, fskartd, are doing their best. They added that they will share further information regarding the mod on their Twitter account once it’s available.

Previously, it was reported that sales of The Day Before managed to surpass 100,000 copies after nearly 50% refunds. After announcing the closure of Fntastic due to “financially failure”, CEO, Gotovtsev Eduard Innokentievich posted an internal teams message on Discord, detailing that sales of the PC game have amounted to 109,382 copies on Steam after 50% (91,694 copies) refunds. At the time, the game received 19% positive and 81% negative reviews on Valve’s platform. According to Eduard, The Day Before “failed financially” and the project did not pay off. He added that it is necessary to maintain Nitrado servers via a contract of $1 million.

The Day Before is set in the future, where players explore and survive in the fictional, post-apocalyptic ‘New Fortune City,’ infested with zombies. The game was announced in 2021 and entered early access on December 7, 2023 on Windows via Steam. The game faced criticism due to its extended development period, inconsistent communication from developers, a relatively unknown reputation, multiple delays, and allegations of plagiarism, leading to accusations of being a “scam.” Fntastic initially refuted these claims, asserting that they hadn’t scammed anyone as they had not sought public funding. However, upon its release, the game received negative reviews from critics.

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