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The Last of Us Part 1 File Size Is Almost Twice That of TLOU Remaster

The Last of Us Part 1 file size has been revealed and the game appears to be a rather beefy download compared to the remaster.

Naughty Dog is working on the upcoming remake of The Last of Us Part 1. Given that it is a complete overhaul as seen in our comparison, most were expecting it to carry a substantial bump in file size. It was also the case for The Last of Us Part 2, which was reported to be 72.95 GB at launch.

It turns out that The Last of Us Part 1 is almost similar in size even if it doesn’t have the same scope as the sequel. We can confirm that the file size of the game is reported at 79 GB minimum. This is the minimum file size that has been listed for the game. This means that baring any day one patch, the file size of The Last of Us Part 1 will be below 80 GB.

So how does this compare to the remaster? We went back to check the file size of the remaster without any updates and it was roughly 40.55 GB. It might be the case that any of the post-launch updates that the game received including one that added support for a higher frame rate might have increased its file size.

There is no multiplayer in this game, unfortunately, so if you were hoping to sink some time into Factions, it won’t be the case. Naughty Dog is working on a bigger version of this Factions multiplayer concept which they are planning to launch in 2023.

So if you are hoping to purchase the game, you need to shell out $69.99 for it and also make sure that you have, at the minimum, at least 80 GB of hard disk space available when the game launches for the PS5 on September 2. It is also in development for PC but there is no release date confirmed for it.

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