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The Legend of Dragoon Is Being Decompiled, Disc 1 Fully Playable On PC

PS1 classic The Legend of Dragoon is being decompiled, and disc 1 of the game is already fully playable on PC.

According to the project developer, who goes by the name Monoxide, he has been working on the decompiled PC port of Legend of Dragoon for the past two years. The goal of the project is to port Legend of Dragoon to modern platforms (including PC and mobile), with no emulation, using real game assets for a completely authentic experience.

Monoxide briefly discussed some of the exciting milestones that he’s hit recently. As of writing, the game’s first disc is now fully playable, and other discs are also mostly playable, with the exception of a few caveats. The developer has also a lot of progress on fixing graphical glitches, along with some graphics experiments.

Starting on the 23rd of September, Monoxide will be hosting a weekly livestream in which he will show a playthrough of the first disk on PC, while also discussing the highs and the lows of the project, and what to expect in the future. The project is still in the very early stages, and the experience is said to receive improvements as the weekly streams continue.

With regards to future plans with this project, Monoxide mentioned that the goal of the project is to create an experience entirely faithful to the original. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t offer some changes. As it stands, the developer has already made certain key improvements, such as “near-0” load times and unlimited save slots (compared to 15 in the PS1 game). Certain quality of life changes, such as an in-game load game menu, is also planned, so that the player doesn’t have to restart the game to load a save. The developer is also looking to offers options to push the game assets to the limit, rendering them at much higher resolution than in the original PS1 game.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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